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Sox & Martin D-700 Dodge Ramp Truck

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I posted this build I did in the Welcome! Introduce Yourself thread when I first joined . I thought I would move it over here . I based it on AMT's Ford Louisville kit and a resin Dodge D-700 crewcab I found on Ebay. I used the frame from the AMT kit and stretched it and used the kits front and rear axle. I used the engine out of the Lindberg Dodge L-700 to represent the 413 Dodge truck engine. I added the air brake compressor from the V-8 Cat from the Ford kit for the air brakes.Scratchbuilt the fuel tanks from Plastruct diamond plate  .I used and modified the interior parts of MPC's 78 Dodge pickup .That resin cab was pretty rough and wonky ,thought it came out decent. The Roadrunner is an AMT kit I did about 30 years ago. I included a picture of the truck I loosely based it on




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1 minute ago, Gary Chastain said:

Yup, I got a couple BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH eBay cabs as well. Good thing you stayed with it. 

Yeah,it was worth it in the long run ,, one side of the cab was twice as thick as the other! lol

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