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Atlantis Fireball dragster


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This is the reissue of the old Monogram kit, this is a very simple kit but I had a lot of fun building it! I used the Californian decals that came with it in an attempt to do a loosely based replica. I only changed a few parts from what came in the kit, the wheels and tires with some white wall stickers I had on the rears, I just thought they looked good! I added some interior parts because that was really plain, basically a seat and steering wheel, the kit engine is just two halves and a couple other parts. I thought it came out pretty decent! Let me know what you guys think!





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12 hours ago, ColonelKrypton said:

Very nice.

It is a simple kit and I have been tempted; every time I poke around the local hobby store and see one on the shelf in fact.  I may just have to grab one for a quick build.

cheers, Graham


Its a pretty fun kit and with some extra work could really be a good looking model, you should definitely get one!

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5 hours ago, rrb124@sbcglobal.net said:

I built this last yer and it was a blast. I had a difficult time though with painting the plastic wheels and tires. Thanks for this post.

I agree, I started to paint the tires but it was too much work so I just went and grabbed some parts box wheels and tires!

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