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Building a replica of the '79 Syracuse Supernationals race-winning car driven by PA icon Smokey Snellbaker. There will be lots of scratch building on this one to make it look like the car from 1979 as-run at the race that year. Started by laying out the Evergreen rod and drew up plans to create a Lloyd sprint car chassis. Used the bottom rails from an old Monogram frame and scratch built the cage and lowered the top frame rails to accommodate the big block Chevy engine that this car ran. 

Lloyd Chassis Left Front.jpg

Lloyd Chassis Rear.jpg

Lloyd Chassis Right Front.jpg

Lloyd Chassis Right Rear.jpg

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Scratch built a top wing and added the mounting spuds on top of the cage. This car ran a small wing offset to the left. I got it pretty close to the reference shots I have. Also got body panels and a dash made from sheet styrene.

Lloyd 56 Wing Spuds.jpg

Lloyd 56 Front with Wing.jpg

Lloyd 56 Rear with Wing.jpg

Lloyd 56 Top with Wing.jpg

Lloyd 56 Jan 27 Right side with Wing.jpg

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Made good headway this weekend on my build-off car. Got the big block buttoned up, ran some plumbing in the chassis, tires mounted up, body parts all painted two-tone and started to lay down some graphics. Still lots to do, but will definitely make the March 29 entry deadline!

Big Block Test.jpg

Wheels & Tires.jpg

Tail Tank Painted.jpg

Top Wing 56.jpg

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In my rush to try and beat the entry deadline for this Facebook site build-off, I bollixed up a few things. I was required to post only one photo to qualify for the build-off, so I cobbled the thing together and shot these pics and made the entry cutoff. Disappointed and frustrated, I walked away from it and the model has been sitting on my bench for a couple of weeks. I will get back at it in short order when I get in the right frame of mind to finish it.   

Lloyd progress shot 1.jpg

Lloyd progress shot 2.jpg

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