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Tamiya 1988 Mazda RX7 Convertible


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New build on my workbench,was working on/off on it,while working on the Z28 trying for a semi tuner look,went with a Honda color.IMG_6104.thumb.JPG.f2077c42d65a81e6206c261f2fbf5d6c.JPGIMG_6128.thumb.JPG.2571a8d84e872a12ac42cee868a85d29.JPGinterior color is German Grey and Nato black. IMG_6106.thumb.JPG.ae1d91399fc920997fcab152bf4f751c.JPGi used wheels and tires from a focus rally car,added valve stems and wheel weights,engine and suspension already put together.IMG_6260.thumb.JPG.e2d6cc27256c4796a73626728fe53053.JPGIMG_6262.thumb.JPG.fb1632f6688e9c274aba14f7d18602d2.JPGIMG_6263.thumb.JPG.1ad0edc72d6401f7fb3943ae1808aad3.JPG

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Thanks for the comments guys🙂,okay another update body trim painted along with alot of the other parts.IMG_6276.thumb.JPG.9dd8c55552cc53eb68b4c77c749acf79.JPG

Since the kit offers the option of pop up headlights i resin cast the headlight covers so i can have two options,open or closed.The licence plates are from Revells 2010 mustang GtIMG_6283.thumb.JPG.03958c77724a334a79ab15571d788294.JPG

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