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Tamiya Mercedes AMG 500SL


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Found in the bargain-bin of a secondhand model kit shop in Tokyo as it'd been lightly started. I've always liked this shape of Mercedes SL - sleek and elegant. Buying it was an easy decision.


Great shape, full engine, very detailed chassis, removable roof and poseable roll hoop - the whole works. If this were a later production Tamiya kit, they'd have put it in a black box instead to indicate its premium-ness.


The wheels are horribly chromed, and need to be stripped. The bonnet doesn't sit perfectly without the help of something like blu-tack to hold it down. On my build - the wheels on the drivers side did not all sit straight and given there's really only one way to build a Tamiya kit, I wonder if this was me or just the kit. Rear locating tabs for chassis->body are weak and small. Mounting points for rear bumper are also small. The entire roof is made from transparent plastic, I'd have preferred this solid plastic with a separate rear window.


It's a very comprehensive and detailed kit from Tamiya with just a few niggles that stop it being called perfect.

Build notes:

Built over the course of about 7 weeks in December 2023 - January 2024. Painted in Tamiya Mica silver with a Peugeot Antelope beige interior. I've made few additions to what came in the box aside from a few extra wires and cables in the engine bay, plug the cross member at the front of the engine bay/ grille area. I have made adjustments to the driver's side wheels hubs (some grinding) to get the wheels on that side to sit straight.



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Beautiful Mercedes Michael. I still like the lines of that body style, they have stood the test of time. I built one years ago, and thought the entire removable top being clear was a poor idea. Great colours and clean build. 👍👍

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