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Simple vinyl look for interiors.

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I did an experiment today on an interior I wanted black, but in my experiences flat black and satin black never had the right sheen. I took this Mustang interior tub and primed it with black primer and then coated it with vinyl dye/paint. I think it came out great, I have some red and some gray vinyl dye I'm going to try on some junk interiors. I will post results. 


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It is actually a type of paint, not a dye.  Dye basically gets absorbed into the material being dyed. Thinks of tie-dyed t-shirts.

This stuff (like paint) remains on the surface. But it adheres to the painted surface really well, and it is flexible.  I used the white color spray to paint whitewalls on vinyl tires of a Pocher 1:8 scale car.

I use the SEM brand (bought at a body shop supplies store)


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My father used vinyl dye paint on the top of his 66 ford falcon to go from white to black. My uncle also actually sprayed his whole intirior with that vinyl stuff to go from green to black on his Buick.

I will post my method on a separate post as to not clutter this up and not take the purpose away from this post.

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