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Revell/Monogram 1964.5 Mustang Convertible.


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Thats a very nice build I love the color combo I had a good friend that had a 65 in that color. but ya that's the Revell kit Amt never put an engine bay in their early Mustangs kits and AMT had the two-piece taillights the clear red and the chrome bezel.

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Thank you Michelle, Garry, David, Rex, Richard, Tom, Eric and Bob. You guys are right. looked right at the box but for some reason my memory latched onto AMT. LOL! Happens as you age. 🙂  Yes Tom. I special ordered that paint and I'm using it up because it was expensive and don't want to let it go bad. I have 2 GM greens I special ordered and you'll be seeing som green GMs soon. LOL! Can't really tell from the photos but I masked off everything but the middle of the seats after they were painted green. Then misted flat white over them from a distance to give them a blend 2 tone look. 

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