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1966 Pontiac GTO low

Andy Oldenburg

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I was hot to try something new and employ some techniques on a build for the first time. After watching many videos from low rider meetings I finally decided that the ´66 GTO would be a perfect candidate for a low rider model. The first steps were to open the doors and the trunk. This time the engineering setup would be completely different from all of my former builds. But see for yourself.

The paint job consists of 3 different colored layers on a silver base coat. This is a mix of acrylic airbrush paint and Tamiya metallic rattle cans, finally covered with 2 layers of AK clear varnish. The masking is done with Tamiya masking tape.



I would have liked to drop the whole body even more, but the engine mount is just NOT touching the floor. Whatever, this build ended up as low as possible.





I tried to work out of the kit box as much as possible, but a few extra details were necessary. The wheels are from my parts box and the disc brakes and calipers are after market items. Same with the headlamps. The plastic grill is opened so I could insert a "real" grill of mesh metal. Power dome and fender skirts are extra details. I worked the front suspension a bit to get a nice steering angle.

The hood and trunk are connected with a quite simple, but cool hinge engineering. This wing setup flips wide open and reveals the goodies. The doors had to be suicide to match. I tried to add the body color code as much as possible to the rest of the car, so the dash and the hat rack have body stripes passing through. The interior has a "luxury" appeal with golden details, a matching flocked floor with mats and seat belts.





The engine and bay have received a bunch of detailing. The engine itself is mostly kit basic, but I added chromed valve covers and pan. The air filters are pimped with grid metal and all of the lines and wires are close to original 1:1.



Making an air suspension system was easier said than done. Every car in the scene seems to have a personal custom, which I find very creative and cool. So I tried my best and built my own system incorporating the research input.


For the undercarriage I added some color details like in the interior. The fuel and brake lines are close to the original 1:1. Same with the parking brake cables.



If your interested in more details, you can check out the WIP thread. Thanks for watching and thanks to everyone that gave me props on my WIP thread.

I hope you like my build! I would be pleased if you check the video:







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Tho  I've never had a hand on a 1:1 lowrider, I have always had a VERY strong respect for the craftmanship that went into those type of vehicles.  This is one of the very FINEST built models I have seen.   Most certainly a potential COVER CAR!!!!!   VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!


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