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1957 Chevy Funnycar - the Sundance Kid

alan barton

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Since retiring I have made a point of trying to finish long stalled projects rather than start new ones and progress has been solid - even though I still get a bit distracted from time to time!  This is the 1989 issue ( yes, it's a 35 year old kit!) by Revell of the Tom Mongoose McEwen 1957 Chevy Funnycar.  A really nice kit to assemble and for once in my life I can say I built a model completely box stock - except for colour scheme of course!

While the frame and running gear on this kit were pretty much new parts, unfortuantely the original builder had been a little hamfisted with the body.  The biggest issues were that the three pieces of glass were pretty much welded to the body.  There were a few gluey fingerprints to deal with as well. 

I got the side windows off but the windscreen was threatening to crack any minute so I had to work around it. With some careful masking I managed to hide most but not all of the damage. The original decals were flaking off the body so I used carefully cut masking tape to replicate some 57 Chevy side trim. Colour is Tamiya Clear Orange and Tamiya Clear over a silver base. It was then polished with polishing pads and Meguiars Scratch - X.  I had always been a Tamiya Fine Polishing Compound guy but not anymore - Scratch-X does an amazing job of eliminating scratches and bringing out a killer gloss!

Comments and criticisms welcome!










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Thanks very much, everyone.  I hope to have my black version finished shortly. I am going to use the factory trim decals but prepared to scrap them if they don't look good enough!



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