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Tamiya, Ferrari Testarossa.

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I've always found the Testarossa interesting. Popularized by Miami vice, I liked to watch the beautiful urban setting night shots of the car on music hits of the eighties. Michael Mann knew how to sell those shots. The model is from Tamiya. Impeccable fit . I chose the classic Ferrari red instead of the white depicted in the series although I would like to build another one in pearl white. This  is of my favorite Ferraris alongside the 308 and earlier models.

Thanks for looking.

ferrari testa rossa 01.jpg

ferrari testa rossa 02.jpg

ferrari testa rossa 03.jpg

ferrari testa rossa 04.jpg

ferrari testa rossa 05.jpg

ferrari testa rossa 06.jpg

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Ah. Who doesn't love a Red Head? 80's Testarossa's are part of the 'naughty poster' collection for us 80's kids. I need to build another. Only have the drop top in my stable right now. Nice work!

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Mario...another masterpiece.  The  background, the photography, the model....all done to perfection.  As a side note; you might be interested to know how the Miami vice show obtained the white Ferrari Testa Rossa.  Sonny's original ride was a black Ferrari Daytona convertible that was really a fiberglas bodied Corvette. Ferrari told the producers if they destroyed that car in an episode they would donate a real Testarossa. 

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