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Bass Boat Clear

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Hi all:

Im looking for a clear, that has metallic/glitter in it, but in a bass boat style. Yea, I know it might not be in scale, but it will be appropriate for the build Im doing.

Any one know of such a paint? Short of that, is there a way to reproduce that effect?

And I guess I should add, it needs to be compatible with Tamiya acrylic paint.

Thanks in advance


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The effect you want was achieved on real boats and dune-buggy bodies and helmets by spraying large dry metalflake particles on top of wet gelcoat with a special gun, and then burying it in more clear gelcoat (which is basically just modified polyester resin).

The old Testors "one coat lacquer" line had metallic particles in it that were about scale-correct for large metalflake in 1/25 scale. Shoot a lot of clear over it, you should have a decent scale representation.

It looks like this.


I have no idea about compatibility with your Tamiya product.


There are some guys who do lowriders with much larger flake in the paint, like glitter, so maybe they'll chime in.

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If you have an air brush, you can add your own pearl powder to Tamiya clear.

You can get different pearl powders from Michaels, Hobby Lobby or even Amazon in a variety of colours and flake sizes. My recommendation would be to start off with less powder per paint jar of clear than you think you will need, and build it up in coats rather than try to get the effect with one heavy pearl-laden coat.


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Thanks guys

@Bill-I wish that Testors paint were still available. Yea, maybe on line, but certainly I have no place near me that still carries Testors. Well, except for the little square bottles.

@ThatGuy-The silver you did is what Im looking for. Ive never heard of Pegasus paint. What size needle did you use? Ill have to look it up. Nice build, by the way

@Greg-Yes, I do have an airbrush. Would a .7 needle do the job? Thanks for the link.

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Pegasus Model Accessories is an aftermarket model parts supplier. They offer various wheel and tire sets and other accessories such as fender skirts, convertible boots, disc brakes and other such stuff. 

At one time they did sell containers of gold or silver metalflake, this would be mixed with a clear of your choice and applied with an airbrush. I don't think Pegasus has website but their products are available form various online retailers. 

As I recall, when I built the Chi-Town Hustler I wuz using a Passche VL with a # 5 tip to shoot the silver flake. 

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I believe a .7 tip should do the job, as long as your clear is thinned properly to flow out without pooling/running and you don't overload it with flake (which can give a textured finish if you use too much). Some test sprays on a scrap body should help you dial in how much pearl is too much without using your model as a test bed.

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On 3/3/2024 at 7:55 PM, Mothersworry said:

Did this with Pegasus Metalflake mixed with clear enamel over silver. Had to use a bigger tip for the airbrush cuz of the large flakes.  



I love that looks - how big of a tip did you have to use?

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