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Roland Leong's 1969 Hawaiian Charger Funny Car


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Having completed a Space 1999 Hawk spaceship, it was time to build another drag car, and with the recent passing of owner Roland Leong it seemed appropriate to build up Leong’s 1969 Hawaiian Mini-Charger. Leong, a Hawaiian native had a long string of drag cars that carried the Hawaiian name. This was the second Charger he introduced in 1969 after the original took off at the top end of the Pomona quarter mile and crashed into a be-gillion pieces. This new car was built eight-inches narrower in an attempt to be more aerodynamically sound and it did find its way into the winner’s circle a few times.

The kit was released by Revell in 2010 as part of their NHRA Motor Sports Series that included four different funny cars. This series had completely new tools for the kits and they were absolutely spectacular in detail. This build, like almost all my funny cars is box-stock with my focus being more on getting the paint and the large decals right. The only changes I made to the kit include re-shaping the rear wheel wells to match the real car and the tightening up the rear slicks to have them sit properly inside the body.      

Hawaiian 1.JPG

Hawaiian 2.JPG

Hawaiian 3.JPG

Hawaiian 4.JPG

Hawaiian 6.JPG

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On 5/3/2024 at 11:03 PM, Chinacar said:

Very nice! Did you have to adjust the ride height at all?


Actually no...if I remember correctly...it seemed to set down in the right spot. I've always been pretty happy with how the body settles onto the chassis in these Revell NHRA kits. The polar Lights kits seem quite good as well.  The only thing I did notice with the kit is that when you try to get the proper 90 degree setting for the headers....they are really low to the ground...perhaps a little too low. But you only notice that when you look at it eye-level. 

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