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European Trucks by Italeri

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Good morning.

After having seen that really nice Mercedes Truck I decided to share my European truck models too even if they´re not my favorites. I´m more into US trucks of the 70s and 80s.

Anyway, I had built seven in total of which three, an Iveco "Cowboy", an MAN 26.321 and a Scania 142H didn´t survive.

The one´s I´d like to share are:

DAF 2800:

Not much to say about this one. actually a quite boring looking attempt of a conventional truck.





DAF 3300: (I think I´ve already shared that one during restauration)

The decals are from the Revell KW W900 easy to build kit.






Volvo F12 Globetrotter:




Scania 142M:

This one has lost a few parts. Haven´t had the time or the passion to fix it!





That´s about it. I´ll have to search for pics of the lost ones. If I find them, I´ll post them! 🙂


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I know US trucks are more popular here, but I think European trucks are just as great subjects!

They do show some ages with dust on surface, but definitely with amazingly high quality and all of the details are faithfully reproduced!  

I enjoyed browsing these here.

Thanks for sharing them. 


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Thanks you, very nice feedback!

I actually do prefer American trucks. Why? Don't really know. Maybe it's because I Love "Convoy"! Maybe because I spent a lot of time in the US! 

Maybe I just like the looks of them better? 

What ever! I know there are some really nice European trucks. 

I just think that they all somehow look alike just like the cars nowadays!

Anyway, I'm happy that you like them. 😊👍

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10 hours ago, Jürgen M. said:

Volvo F12 Globetrotter:



This Volvo F12 looks to be a Revell AG kit, they had 3 axle dual drive with spoke wheels and it was 1:25th scale.
The Italeri 1:24 scale Volvo F12 was 2 axle single drive both for the flat top and Globetrotter.

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I promised to share if I found some pics of the MAN. I had transformed it into a 4-axle timber-truck with trailer. I shortened the cab to a day cab and built the timber platform from scratch. The second front axle is from the Iveco Cowboy 🤠(Italeri) that had unfortunately fallen from the shelf by accident and fell into more pieces than the kit had originally contained! 😮 I was able to save the axles and some chassis parts which I have already used for several trailers!

The crane and the decals are from an Italeri accessories kit.

The pics aren´t very good but I think you can see enough!







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Great Trucks, Jurgen!

I really Like the DAF 2800. I want ti find one and build it, but Italeri truck kits cost a lot on cash and I am cheap. I'll get one some day. I really like the look of the 2800. I can see one built with Canadian markings.

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