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Autoquiz #601 - Finished

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This was VW failed attempt to build a light commercial that is cheap and easy to maintain for third world countries. Failed because in those countries they want no special build third world commercial. Market leader in those countries was the Toyota Hiace. This is the EA489 Basistransporter or T200 or Horminga (Ant) build from 1975 - 1979. Powered by a Beetle engine, build in German and Mexiko. In Turkiye the used a better looking VW Type 2 cab.

The  correct answer were sent in by:




Richard Bartrop







Auotquiz 601.jpg

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This was easy :P !

Based on this VW, here in Finland they built a Finnish version called "Teijo" in 1975-'76. Though not very common, probably around 100 examples were made, they can still be seen at some car shows from time to time. So when I saw the picture I immediately recognized what it was, I just had to search Google for the correct year models.

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I originally thought it was one of these:


but having discovered that it wasn't, I didn't manage to find the alternative. I think Mike's point about the potential markets not wanting "special" dedicated vehicles probablyapplied to the Ox as well, despite its top-notch designer's best efforts...




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To me, it looked like a child's drawing of a VW Microbus nose. The headlight rings and mirrors looked suspiciously VW too. And it definitely has the "developing nation" vibe. There's no shortage of those in this hemisphere, and Mexico used to make Bugs.

I also noticed the leaf-sprung solid-beam rear suspension and figured from that it couldn't possibly be anything VW, but just on a whim, I image-searched "Mexican VW truck" or something similar, and it popped right up.


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2 hours ago, Richard Bartrop said:

Funny thing, the beam axle in the rear triggered a memory of a basic  pickup that used an air cooled VW engine up front driving the front wheels.

I'd never seen one before, so I had to go through all the rigamarole.  :)

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