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I've been lucky enough to own two muscle cars in my life, a 1972 Chevelle and my current car, a 2015 Challenger.  With the 2015 being styled after a 71 Challenger I have been wanting a good representation of a 71 R/T for awhile.  Sadly, no one makes a 71 Challenger kit.  I did a conversion a few years back, but I always felt like I could do better.  I've been pretty low on money lately as my dad was in the hospital, (plus I wanted to get a few new kits) but I finally decided to pull the trigger on doing another conversion.  During the process of building the model my father ended up passing away, so this build is dedicated to him.

The resin conversion kit came from Hart's Parts.  I've used them before and they're excellent conversions.  The fit is great!  The stripes are Keith Marks 71-74 Challenger decals I got off eBay.  The kit itself is the newest version of the AMT 70 Challenger.  It's not a great kit (see my previous post), but I was able to make a pretty descent conversion learning my lesson from the 70 Challenger I built a few weeks ago. 


53593314343_ba19f6d1e8_k.jpgSAM_1571 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

53593427759_083db373d0_k.jpgSAM_1572 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

53593107221_79231da2e7_k.jpgSAM_1573 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr


My previous build for comparison

47663249351_3caa181462_k.jpgSAM_0602 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

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4 hours ago, karbuildr said:

Good job, a nice tribute to your Dad.


4 hours ago, espo said:

My condolences on the loss of your father. Your build looks great, and the colors and trim all look correct. 


4 hours ago, moparmike619 said:

I’m so sorry to hear that your father passed…prayers and condolences to you and the rest of your family

Thank you

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On 3/28/2024 at 7:10 AM, Nicholas said:

very sorry for your loss, those builds look  great! i was tempted to get the harts conversion for my 70 amt kit,but decided to leave it as a 70 instead of a 71

Thank you, and grab another one like I did.  lol

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