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AMT '66 Nova issues?

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I've got two of these (Non-Pro Street) that are still waiting to be built.  The only real knowledge I have about them is what I've read, which seems to be mostly positive with two alleged exceptions. 

1) The front suspension is weak and sloppy.  Some have said it's hard to get the tires to look correct because the supporting components aren't strong enough to hold them in place correctly.

2) The grille is a poor fit and lacks decent gluing areas that would help affix it to the front of the fenders.

Again, these issues are based on comments I've read, but they popped up enough to make me wonder.  OTOH I have seen a number of pics of these cars where there was a grille fit issue of some kind. 

Any thoughts, personal experiences and pics would be welcome.   

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I have built the pro street and stock version.  I like the kit and as far as the front suspension goes get to lined up straight and let your glue dry.   Don’t force your front tires on.  Make sure the. Slide on easy and glue them on straight and let your tires and wheels dry very good on there spindles…

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I was on the deck painting one of the upper a-arms on mine, it fell off the toothpick I had it impaled on... right between the boards, gone. I made up a set out of styrene, much better than the kit items. 

THEN... I found that the header fit to the heads has to be right on. Or else there is no room to install the engine. 

For the rear and front bumpers, I made up mounting tabs for them, secured to the body. I had to open the front fender openings quite a bit and trim some material behind the headlights. I managed not to bork it up. I opened up the trunk too and hinged it, I should do a build post on the car.

I had an epiphany, hacked off the kit front suspension and grafted on an AMT NASCAR front stub. I'm using a VCG Resins BBC with a pro-charger on it. Now I have fit issues with the headers. I have a couple of 3D printed ones to try next. 

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