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Back on the bench with a new build,i believe in North America it was called a Infiniti Q35,the kit can be built 2 ways.The Nismo version doesn't interest me so stock version it is,no left hand dash.😐IMG_6308.thumb.JPG.bdd14717048c5232b84dec4639179296.JPG

It's painted Testor's Insignia blue,didn't like the molded in mesh on the front grill so i grinded it out before painting,some specks in the paint so i need to polish them out.IMG_6386.thumb.JPG.d46f49fdb419743bd232e719e3b0896d.JPG

I added wheel weightS and valve stems to the tires.IMG_6396.thumb.JPG.66d0d5a23261417e1963fadc27414873.JPG

The chassis/exhaust and suspension painted in various  Tamiya ,Vallejo and Mr.hobby colorsIMG_6393.thumb.JPG.62332e7af9a791aa6a414231c88852e8.JPGIMG_6394.thumb.JPG.647d11faa1de1900b23c0bd5dd35427d.JPG

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Back with an update,the glass is painted, Fujimi includes mask for the windows except they're not the same size and some areas show the frosted area not painted🤷‍♂️IMG_6402.thumb.JPG.078c8176337ff5d9e7a83d7b882e06cc.JPG

The front seats are painted,added seatbelts i was planning to go with a tan interior but decided to go with black/white instead.IMG_6401.thumb.JPG.06b6801262815c37d93fe8900825fdc0.JPG

I added detail master speakers,to the interior to add some detail,embossing powder for carpet and added seatbelts/latches to the back seatIMG_6404.thumb.JPG.c7bfd053f64b6626df27ecdb91277208.JPGIMG_6405.thumb.JPG.ea425011a57189db107c9fcb6e8e0d08.JPG Still need to add a 3rd brake light.IMG_6403.thumb.JPG.d5acdbf32961b8d7936af6000bf2d7c2.JPG


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Ok,have the body polished and ready for assembly,added some mesh to the front fascia,i put a comparison photo from the nismo version to show the difference the mesh made.IMG_6418.thumb.JPG.2ccc940b54cfcaa31ab2ffa6ad7279b9.JPGIMG_6419.thumb.JPG.8fb3d830d89daae5613f5a978d9f7f06.JPG

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Started putting the parts together,having a few fit issues,mirrors need a little sanding down to fit the body and the stance in the rear is a little higher than expected😐IMG_6423.thumb.JPG.9b453d7483870dc31af0486f47376d03.JPGIMG_6424.thumb.JPG.3f3429e12bdb962e9ba20458dcde7280.JPGIMG_6425.thumb.JPG.255e5d898f51ded21f4b12a783664300.JPG

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