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Erik Jones NextGen Camaro ZL1 with 2022 Darlington Throwback schemes


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This car is the PETTY GMS MOTORSPORTS team Camaro ZL1 entered in the 2022 Cup Series and driven by Eric Jones.

The body colour is Throwback schemes from the Goodyear 400 at Darlington in the spring.
This is the first time I have built a Next Gen car from Salvinos JR Models.
Although this kit is highly detailed and accurate, I had a bit of trouble assembling the suspension sections.
The engine and transaxle parts, which are covered for the most part as in the real car, are barely visible after completion, so painting was omitted to a large extent and the engine hood was glued to the body.

The body colour is Tamiya TS-23 Sky Blue and the decals are Powerslide #368.

The last image shows it side-by-side with a Pontiac Grand Prix and a Dodge Intrepit R/T in a single colour PAINT SCHEMES Petty Blue that I built in the past.







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Thank you all.
I have learned a lot from building this model kit that the actual NextGen cars are safe and high performance, but I thought the kit building itself was more fun for earlier generations.

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