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Beard trimmer advice needed

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I’m trying to find a beard trimmer with guards that will allow me to keep it at just a smidge over 3/4”, but most of the ones I’ve seen seem to be made to cut at 1/2” and under.
TIA. Links would be appreciated. 

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6 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Almost every winter, I grow a beard. I've found it to be easy enough to keep it trimmed with scissors.

If that's not an option, some trimmers made by Wahl and probably others have interchangeable heads.


I go through the same thing,trying to keep my beard trimmed short,but not too short.And yea Wahl has some great shavers.Thats usually the brand I use.👍👍

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I bought an Andis clipper a bunch of years ago.  It replaced the well worn Andis that my Mom used for many years to cut our hair when we were kids. It was older than me and I figure that one lasted at least 30 years, so I bought another. It cut my boy's hair when they were kids and I've used it for many years to trim my beard. Yes, it was a little pricey, but it's paid for itself many times over.  For someone just trimming a beard, there are other options.  

With a shorter beard, the clippers with a comb are pretty good. Get out to around 3/4" and the comb doesn't work quite as well. Mine is about 1/2" long in the winter and I usually wear  a close trimmed goatee in the warmer months. Some of it will depend on your beard (coarse, fine etc.) and how fast it grows. Mine has gone from soft and dark to gray and stiff. 

I also use  beard conditioner with moisturizer occasionally and maybe a little beard oil if I'm going out. 

Mrs. Big John was cutting my hair for many years (she used to work in her Dad's beauty shop) when I was working so much and didn't have time to go to a barber shop and I trimmed my beard myself.  She really couldn't do it anymore, so I started going to a real barber again about a year ago. What I was doing this past winter was having the barber trim my beard and then I would just maintain it between haircuts.  Usually about twice a week to keep it looking good. That seems to work best for me.  In the summer, I just trim the goatee myself with the clippers and comb. 

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On 4/21/2024 at 11:27 PM, stavanzer said:

I have a Wahl Trimmer. I used it quite a bit, until the wife wanted the beard gone.

It was a great machine.

Me and my brother had ZZ Top worthy beards for a while, everyone in the family HATED them including wives and girlfriends. What to do... grow it LONGER... When I got a real job in 1981 I cut it shorter by a lot. My brother needed to go to court about something, his was gone.

Now I trim it with a #1 or #2 guide on a Wahl trimmer.

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