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1975 Gatorade McLaren - Johnny Rutherford

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This is the AMT 75 McLaren also sold under the MPC brand in the Hall of Fame kit as the 74 McLaren. Hence, AMT simply re-boxed the 74 with new decals and called it a 75 McLaren. But I made some changes to make it resemble a 75 McLaren. I re-routed the turbo to be more centrally located over the transmission instead of off to the left side of the motor. I also cut down the rear wing so it was not so wide and removed the inner end plate from the front wing and moved it back to line up with the nose of the body. I added the correct wheels from a PC-6 and better vinyl tires from the parts box. The paint is Dupli-Color Pure White and Testors square bottle Gloss Green thinned for airbrush. The decals, including tire decals are from IndyCals. The 74 in the photos was built about 40 years ago and I have no idea what happened to the mirrors. Maybe I left them off not knowing how to attach them. I was a rookie then. Thanks for looking! 😎







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Thanks, Monty, Stephen, Larry and Ken! I appreciate your comments! Over the weekend, i picked up a Bobby Unser Olsonite Eagle at a model contest. It will be my next Indy Car build. I'll have to get some decals from IndyCals again but its on the build list. Thanks for looking and commenting! 😎

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