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M W Elky

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This is a box stock johan challenger funny car with testors white enamel and stang 1 forever decals. These old Johan funny cars were so good they pretty much fall right together with very accurate bodies to boot. Until next time thanks for looking. Mike IMG_3499.thumb.jpeg.cb0603444ce70b044a159e2768155338.jpegIMG_3498.thumb.jpeg.a13fd877d0916e5be7e82424f788c9a9.jpegIMG_3497.thumb.jpeg.38cf290cb6d84113199ec49e7e3a8d1f.jpegIMG_3500.thumb.jpeg.c5853f843231bd393fbf90590bbd54f0.jpegIMG_3501.thumb.jpeg.b0773ccd31cb25063cbf9f9a8abfe470.jpeg

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Very nice!

I built this kit a few years ago, and discovered that the paneling around the air scoop did not allow for throttle cable and barrel valve detailing on the injector hat: too tight, and the body would not lower in correct position once those details were added. Should have known... 

You are right: the body is wonderfully detailed right out of the box!


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