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Willy make it..?


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At last the body is coming around & you can see the lines I want. The list of body mods reads something like this;

Remove top from base kit.

Install different sectioned front clip with Du Vaul windschield.

Reinstall front fenders to become inners.

Raise rear fenders as to section.

Add & extend rear fenders from donor kit.

Wedge section body to match fender lines.

Add headrest from old AMT 62 corvette kit & mold.

Pancake, section & extend hood to accept new (different) 37 Ford hood.

Add full fender extensions made from Chezoom kit.

Add & extend outer front fenders from donor kit.

Recess & replace front headlights from 37 Ford.

Relocate & scribe new door gaps.

Extend front grill opening & blend.

Recess rear deck for license plate housing.

Install tunnels (tubes) for rear "frenched" tail lights.

I think thats everything, the rest is just gromming tweeking & massaging until perfectly smooth, at least I hope;


The hard part for me will be this interior as it needed to be sliced & diced as well, plus the front opened up (widened) to fit the new front end...


I still have no frame or exact ride hight yet & no motor planned eighter but this is kinda how I see it in my dreams..!


Hizoot :D

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Thanks for the kind words above gents,

Not much progress on my WMBMR contest entry as of late because I've been on a job hunt. The good news is that I now have more to do than just body work & have started the front suspension:


This will be the basic ride height & I'll use real (metal) springs instead of the kit supplied... Also with the interior near complete, I can now tell you that the DuVall windschield came from a Jimmy Flinstone AMT Black Force Panel resin kit. Then I stitched it to the front of a 37 Ford before I put it on the Willys;


I'm behind on my photography & it's taken it's share of grooming but with a huge to do list still looming, you can count on more visits back to Willys PIW land... Like the custom pro-mod motor I've started for this..!


Until then,

Hizoot :)

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Zoot, I gotta agree with Fletch and Jody. She's IS lookin good! At first I wasn't too sure about the Front fenders, but the more I see it,the more it grows on you(me)! What color is it gonna be? Yeah, I gotta admit, it IS lookin purdy good! :(

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Thanks for the good words guys,

I appreciate the efforts..! Not sure what color it will be BUT I do know this needs to be ALL about the graceful body lines, plus I have what I think is an interesting engine between the rails so I'd like to feature that as well... Therefore no crazy paint or wild graphics this time, can't speak for next..! There's a couple ideas floating around my head for now... More on my WIP Willys to come.

Hizoot ;)

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