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hey guys

last week the wifey and i went on a romantic getaway for a few days and she got me the modified stockers hauler :lol:

it comes with a trailer and a 53 ford

the ford will be build to match the trailer, folowing a two tone pattern that matches the paint on the trailer

the ford will have a flathead V8 with a few go fast goodies and massive tires in the back

(this will be my first attempt at tubbing)

the trailer and truck will have matching rims, but the truck will have a wider lip and bigger tires

let me

know what you think




yes that is a hemi powered dragster on there

we do need somthing better then a ford to actually hit the track :P

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thanks guys

the way it happened was as follows:

i had planned our trip out perfectly except for one thing : i forgot the effect long open roads have on the turbo passat so we got there bout 45 minutes before we could check in

so we cruised around abit and ran into a LHS

and so it happened

im hoping to slap on the second color this thursday :lol:

(in the mean time ill keep having at it with the engine)

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this the build you need the big tires for?

sorry for the delay on gettin em out, had to fix the 1:1 last week :lol:

oh and are those mopar ralley rims i see on there? :lol:

yes and yes

the mopar ralleys on the truck came from a chally

the ones on the trailer i have no clue, they have a smaller lip but look perfect on it :rolleyes:

dont worry too much bout the delay

i spend a few hours fidding with my 1:1 aswell this week

turned out my diverter valve is leaking ;)

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it doesnt show very well in the pics but the custom rear fenders have a horizontal crease in it which is just beggin for a two tone

so the hood stays red

then ill follow the lines fo the front fenders dipping to the bottom of the doors

and pop back up so the hack of the cab will be even with the aforementioned crease on the rear fenders

(almost like a check mark)

everything above the line stays red, underneath it will be the same gunmetal as the frame of the trailer is

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This makes me want to get mine out and work on it. But I got other projects going on that I think are more important. What are they? You guys will find out later on.

i actually postponed progress on the "sardine challenger" to build this

not to mention my "if i could only afford a real car" honda

and my dodge cant even remember what type it is truck

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  • 2 weeks later...

hey guys

we finished up the engine the other day but i had to run off early so i let my wrench monkeys install the engine for me

lets see what we got :lol:


what the ...

thats not the right engine !!!

thats a 2.0 zetec engine

darn kids, wheres my flathead ?

**looks around the garage**

hey there it is


for a second there i was afraid they swapped the flathead into the focus they pulled that 4banger out off

i'd better check


thats right, now i remember why i pulled that 4 banger in the first place, to fit in the blown 572 engine

anyways, as you can tell there is some slow progress here

question and suggestions are always welcome :D

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I like it I like it! What really got my attention was the Zetec engine. I didnt know they had that in scale........The reason I'm so excited is I am fitting one into my 1:1 street legal sand rail. Is that a Focus kit? Who makes it?

That Ford Focus look's like it is part of Revell's "Tuner" series kit's. Nicely done and interesting twist with that biger motor!

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I like it I like it! What really got my attention was the Zetec engine. I didnt know they had that in scale........The reason I'm so excited is I am fitting one into my 1:1 street legal sand rail. Is that a Focus kit? Who makes it?

fuji is right

that is a revell ford focus svt 2in1 tuner

please keep in mind the 572 is NOT included in this kit


it doesnt look like i am going to use the zetec

(fuel consumption be darned, that 4 banger wont even spin those rear tires)

so if you want it let me know what you want to trade for it and ill send it your way

(i pulled the driveshafts of to fit the truck but they come with it)


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put the second coat of paint on today

it is by no means perfect but i guess i cant complain to much, i think it came out pretty decent

(had to leave room for improvement somewhere)

anyways, here is a mock up of the body on the frame

let me know what you guys think of it B)



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did you put the tires on it?

cant tell in the pics if you used em or not

i sure did

but it doesnt show too well in those pics, i musta done too good a job tubbing the bed

ill post some pics after i paint the bed (still got to paint the floor)

but those wheels fit awesome

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Could I get a close up picture of the Zetec? I am considering buying that kit for the motor..

ill try and get a pic up later tonight (gotta swipe the wifeys phone)

but if you just want the drivetrain out of that car make me an offer for a trade

i dont think ill get round to using it anytime soon

it had the tranny and the driveshafts attached :rolleyes:

spike, ill take that as a compliment that the tubs look nice and stock :D

seriously though, the rear axle sits about halfway in the back dish of the wheels

ill try and get some decent pics of them for you tonight aswell

i dont think there is even half a scale inch of room on iehter side :D

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as promised, here are some more pics, first up...the zetec



and now back to the truck

its hard to get a good picture of just how awesome those mickey thompsons look on there

but here is a shot from the underside showing the close fit

(keep in mind i am no where near done painting and all these parts are merly mocked up)


and here is a tails end view

i was at first planning on using a stock tailgate with chrome "ford" on it but the paint didnt come out great on that

so i might end up using a custom shaved version (i do want to use a tailgate because most of the time this truck will have the tounea cover on )

also, im going to install stacks so dont bother looking for tailpipes down there B)


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  • 2 weeks later...

well finally some progress on this baby

i've been reluctant to work on it because i wanted the paint to cure perfectly

so today i did a little bit of work on here

most notably, i test fitted the stacks (thanks bill)

i also did some engine work

i added some 20 gauge wires for spark plug wires but im not perfectly happy with it

they are too thick so next time ill use a even smaller gauge

(so no engine shots ;) )

at any rate, here are 2 shots of the truck with the stacks (loosely on)

they will get perfectly straightened before finally instalation



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