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Chevy crew cab short bed..


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Ok fellas, I have been building models for a good 6 years straight. Me and the wife moved to a smaller place and everything got packed away in boxes.

I decided the other day to finally get everything back out and start working on something again.

So I had a Chevy 1500 reg cab step side, Chevy 3500 X cab dooley, and a smashed up Escalade. I grabbed my saw, glue, ruller, tape, knife, some sandpaper and went to town.

I turned the X cab into a crew cab by using the back half of the cab from the step side. I then did a front end swap with the escalade parts but I kept the hood scoop from one of the other chevys and this is what I came up with.







Im going to let everything dry up for a few days before I start sanding and shaping everything.

I didnt want to use the step side bed or the dooley bed so one of the forum members. ( Steven Zimmerman ) was a nice enough guy to trade me a reg fleet side bed for my dooley bed. I thank him very much for that. I should have that by the weekend so then I can go to town on that also.

Well Thanks for looking at my project fellas, This might be a slow build so updates will not come to fast. Its going to take me some time to get back in the grove and setup again.

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great job so far.

Thanks Mike!!

Well the glue set up a little faster then I expected. Must be all this heat we have been having these past few days.

So I got the truck all sanded down and a nice thick coat of primer laid down. This will give me a good idea of what needs work and it will also give the bondo something to stock to.

I use stuff called evercoat zgrip, From first hand experience it doesnt stock to well to just plastic.

So heres a few of it all primed up.







I really need to get some better lighting. :lol:

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Ok got some body work done on the sides and the roof. I still need to do the hood and front bumper. After all the body work is done I will lay down some more primer and block it all out to make sure its smooth and flat. Then cut my door lines in, I still dont know if I want to cut the body line back in it or not. :rolleyes:







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Wow. I really like the work you are doing on this one. My two cents is for the body line in the doors(helps break up the flat expansive sides) but not the ones that were in the front fenders. Keep at it and let us see those progress shots.


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Yup, After thinking about it last night Im going to cut the body line back in it. Filling it with bondo just let me get a smoother side with out worring about that line.

Now when I go to cut it back out its going to be much more crisp.. I going to go to lowes and get a nice new file so that it comes out super straight...

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Awesome job so far. Got anything in mind for the bed?

Yeah Steven is sending me a short bed fleet side. ( means no step side no dooley ) Im figuring on shaving the rear gate. Maybe some excalade tails and an off set plate in a roll pan or the gate or maybe no plate at all.. Im going to prolly cut the the whole inside of the bed out so you can see the rear frame Im going to build.. I have big plans!!

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I got my bed today in the mail. Thanks again Steven. I appreciate it very much!!!

I test fitted it up earlier today and it looks great!! I should have a few more things done on the truck by the weekend and I will snap a few more photos then.

Keep a look out. :(

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Figure I would show a few quick updates before I got back to work on this before the weekend. :(








I really need to figure out what to do with my front bumper. I might glue a piece of plastic along the bottom of the cab and bed to add a body line. Kinda like the escalade and I need to adjust my door lines..

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that looks awesome. are you going to rid the box of body lines too?

Yes, I just got the bed that day. So I sanded and primed it.. I do this before I put down the bondo because it gives it something to hold onto.

Im going to add a different body line though. Something more smooth and sleek...

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I think you should do the same as the cab. shave the body line or make your own. Make the rear lights caddy lights for sure. Not sure about making it a full skin combo, everyone is doing that now. You can pick up wheels all over the place. here, layitlow.com, evil bay, ect. What I would recommend is 22 or 24 inch scale rims.

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