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Sources for Tamiya Basic Putty

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This stuff is supposedly discountinued in the US due to an EPA issue similar to what happened to Tamiya TS spray paints a few years back. I've heard it is a labeling issue more than anything. It remains to be seen if Tamiya sells it here again.

Meanwhile, you can source it from www.HLJ.com or from this Ebay store icanucan Kenncer online Ebay store. They have a single tube available in the store but you can get three tubes shipped to your door in the USA for $15. I've ordered from them before with no problems. Three tubes could be a lifetime supply for some folks.


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Huh did not know it was being dropped from circulation in the US, not sure what the stance in Canada is. Oh well, I have recently switched to 3M's glazing putty, ment for the auto industry. It comes in a 128g tube (4x Tamiya tube) at half the cost. It works just as good the Tamiya stuff IMHO, it stays workable just a bit longer, and sands just as well. I like that it's red, which helps me "see" defects in my work. I picked it up from Parts Source.

Bill you should give it a try before you invest in anymore Tamiya stuff.

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