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New slot track opening in Michigan!

Trans Am Erik

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The new track is called Downriver Speedway and Hobby. They have two tracks. One is a Daytona shaped oval track, the other is a drag strip! They should be open by the first of October and will also be selling models. You will also be able to buy pre painted bodies for your slot cars. I'll post pics in a day or two. Joe, the owner is still setting up the tracks. Downriver Speedway is located at 3918 Dix rd. in Lincoln Park just south of Moran (corner with the Marathon/A&W)

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I'm glad to see the car on that drag strip is pointing towards the wall and not the window! LOL!

Anybody remember Tim Allen's Home Improvement show when he modified a slot-car with a Dust-Buster motor? That thing went so fast, it went off the track and through their windows! LOL!

So I seriously hope your not going to race towards the window there buddy! B)

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Recently this track held it’s 4th Larry Shinoda( Detroit designer) Reunion Race with a large international turnout.  Also interesting, they are soon beginning a new scholarship series designed to get elementary age kiddos into slot cat racing. Free car and controller if they attend with a parent and write a nice essay. Checkout Casey Putsch, Genius Garage, on YouTube.

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