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my take on the tijuana taxi


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a combo of the tijuana taxi and some older bits and pieces. the rear tires are from a duesenburg the rims and front tires from the 27 ModelT

the engine is from the 28 lincoln roadster.I found some pretty good pictures of the engine but I can't quite figure out where the intake and the exhuast are located exactly so my custom touches to those areas will be purely fictional but hopefully feasable.

I also added front doors and the top windsheild frame. the interior will be slightly different but not much.I am attempting to keep this conversion simple by using mostly parts from the Tijuana taxi and just adding details that fit the look I am going for . thanks for looking suggestions, comments, questions and criticism welcome!

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here's a couple of pics body is primed the roof is being worked on and is drying right now.




here's some shots of the engine still has work to go and I haven't figured out what to do with the exhaust .I like the way it looks going straight back but it would be pesky to drive that way.I have kinda figured out the intake . the real engine has everything right there but the custom exhaust doesn't allow that so I'm making it up as I go .




well if you have anything to add or criticize feel free this one is just messin around. the goal for this one is mostly the engine mods and getting it done .the low parts count of the model should allow for a quick build (for me ).Thanks for looking !

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Maybe add a small "Munster Coach" type seat on the back....or a short length pickup box (maybe with a beer keg tank?) on the back...just thoughts :D:P

Keep up the good work!


thanks for the input, I plan on using the trunk that came with the lincoln.the roof isn't cooperating ,it is always the things you think are going to be easy.

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here is the roof I was trying to put on a vinyl top this is the first attempt


here is the finished product with some of the supplies



this is the stuff I used for the vinyl


side and under views



this process took a lot of trial and error but I think I have the foundation for future projects .

I tried putting the vinyl directly on the roof but every adhesive I tried left lumps and wouldn't smooth out.the secret ingredient for the smooth roof is interfacing used for sewing it has glue on one or both sides and is for firming up material when sewing. on this application I needed something to stick to the roof and the vinyl with out leaving lumps .the interfacing was firm enough but had a little give so I was able to snug everything up around the edges.I sprayed both sides of the interfacing the top of the roof and the back of the vinyl with spray adhesive let it set up then put it all together gently smoothing it out just on top . I then set it aside overnight on top of the ol'dehydrater in the morning it was dry enough to start fiddling around with the sides . the sides were still tacky enough to stick so I just trimmed a little off the corners (the corners will be better next time )and taped the underside later I will add a headliner with superglue to keep everything permanently attached. I went through about three roofs (rooves?) before my wife showed me the interfacing which solved all kinds of problems.she says it comes in all kinds of thicknesses and glue on one or both sides I tried the glue side facing up but since I wasn't using heat(see first pic)the glue left a grid on the vinyl so I flipped it around and bingo nice smooth top !I need to paint the body before adding the second piece that will go around the back and opera windows so more pictures later hope you like it .

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Randy, that's a slick idea on the vinyl roof. Is that material thin enough to use on interiors...dash tops or seats or whatever and does it come in colors other than black?


Thanks for the compliment. It is thin but not very flexible it would be fine on a mostly flat surface but not something like tuck and roll also it is hard to get adhesive to stick to it .and yes there were several colors and textures ,I liked this one because it looked "scale" enough for something like this .

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Looks great so far, Randy! Could you heat the vinyl a bit to make it more flexible?


Thanks Riz,you can but it is really touch and go as evidenced by the first picture it can get bad fast also it shrinks quite a bit .because the back is smooth it doesn't stick well so by heating it you run the risk of losing the stick thus getting air bubbles and having to start over again. I really tried all options and this is pretty close to as good as it gets . I will use this technique on future builds and try to iron it out some more.

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O.k. after the vinyl roof experiment and the discovery of interfacing ,i found some fabric that I had purchased a long time ago and decided to continue the experiment on the inside. It is not the perfect color selection for the exterior color but the goal is to try some new stuff and finish it .I started out by ironing the fabric next I trimmed some interfacing to size put the fabric over the interfacing ironed it on and used fabric glue to hold down the edges until I get the body painted and can install it.I still need to cut out the window openings so I still have room for error.the process took less than an hour.




one of these days I will learn how to take better photos.

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Here's a couple of photos I took with the interior panels set in place the body painted tamiya candy lime green and the roof set on top . once everthing is all buttoned up I think it will look the way I had it in my head . now I just have to work on the suspension ,engine and figure out what color to paint the seats.






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here are some more photos.I redid the interior panels this time cutting the windows out of the interfacing first and then cutting the material in diagonal lines and gluing to the back I got a much better result especially on the opera windows.I have also added some more vinyl and brass accents.after seeing this come together I just may do another more serious attempt. I have also decided to either mod the lincoln engine even more or go with a more conventional propulsion source.






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