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The Surf Rat Wagon


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Tamiya Yellow clear Charlie. After it has dried I hit the whole thing with a light fog of Testors laquer satin finish as bare metal is too bright and shiny for an old car!

Here it is after the trim on the other side has been done and the front bumper sprayed with "Alclad". Now it needs some dul-coat and rust touches. So much to do....



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Finally an update....

Worked on the 427 engine for two days and managed to get it insalled today for the first time.


The exhaust system on these wagons would have been a single so the duel exhaust you see here would have had to have been added later. Also installed in typical "back yard mechanic style" is a set of cherry bomb mufflers.


Note the abandon and rusted out aft section of the original single exhaust system. B)


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Oh, yeah, I'd like to see that one built! Those three trucksters you did were all sweet, and you know that I just had to build Frankie!!! <img src="http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="B)" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" />

i built frankie, but i changed some parts, and the name:




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Thanks guys!

What you doing with the extra plates on the floor? Running from the lawman again?

The extra plates are to cover up the rust holes in the floor so stuff won't fall out... like feet of the passengers.

Yea this thing looks good! I think the interior should be a little dirtier, since it's rusty everywhere else.

Still working on the interior... but interiors don't usually get as rusty as the exterior unless water leaks in. Generally only the seat cushions, door handles and floor get really dirty, scratched and messed up by feet and dirty hands.

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I missed this posting until this morning. I always liked the idea of the "ratty, saltwater riddled surfer woody wagon" That's a mouth full, anyway, the exterior rust spots and the interior details are looking really good. Good to see you back to building something and partisipating. This is really looking good. I have two "long" surfboards sitting on the corner of my workbench, one of these days I may have to build a car to sit under them.

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  • 1 year later...

Well, after many months of languishing on this project I decided to get back to my Surf Rat Wagon. But this time in full scale...

Yeah, I broke down and purchased a 1/1 '58 Country Sedan! Long range goal is to make some actual maple appliqués for the sides and tailgate, but for now I think I'll just put the stock stainless trim back on and fix the little details that don't work. Like a radio!


The engine is a 390 2bbl, duel exhaust with C6 auto currently, but I already purchased a 4bbl manifold for her. Wheels and tires stay the same... except I think I am going to paint the wheels and roof a sweet cream color. Not crazy about the bright white. But... might even go flat black overall!

Surfboard rack on top and some decals on the windows... of course an under-dash 8-track is a necessity!

Basically it is a blank canvas that cruises very sweetly down the street with a nice duel exhaust note.


Hang ten!HangTensmall-vi.jpg


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Wow! Beautiful! What a find! :D

How (and where) did you find it?

Craigslist out of Seattle. Was built by students from the Seattle Lutheran High School in West Seattle Washington. Lots of work done to it to make it reliable but.... no wipers, no heater, no radio and no keys. Got some work for me to do... telling you no lies ;)

your build is very nice. did it get done??

im digging your new toy. im a fan of wagons, this one is very cool looking. ;) all black would look pretty cool. so would the tan and blue combo.

The Surf wagon is not yet completed. Very close, but no room to build models right now. About all I have space for is drawing. The Surf Rat is in storage and will be finished soon as I can now that I have a 1/1 for correct detailing. But... it was time to move from models to the real thing.

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