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What kind of music.....

What genre of music do you listen to when at the bench ?  

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  1. 1.

    • Easy Listening
    • Rock & Roll
    • Smooth Jazz
    • Talk Radio
    • Country
    • R & B
    • Neighbors dog barking
    • Significant other telling you to put that thing down and do some work around here
    • Other

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Well, at least you're not hearing voices that tell you to set stuff on fire!

No thats a little funny - cause i always hear that.

currently. trying my hand at this again after over 25 years....

MUSIC - I like most everything. But mostly rock and country.

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Sorry zeb, I don't care for polls.... but Classic rock, blues, talk radio, and classical music in that order...

Hmmmmm, a little Jazz now and then is cool too.. Miles Davis is my fav!


Oh, vinyl is the best way to listen to music as far as I am concerned. Have many hundreds of records... many hundreds of 8-tracks and lots of (Gasp) CD's! No Mp3's however....

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Mood music........

The local '60s and '70s music station for race cars

Big band swing for WW2 planes, ships and armor

I'm working on an F1 car from the '70s now....so where's my "Grand Prix" movie soundtrack album? I'll have to go find that one. I have a record player in the model room for just these occasions.

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Odd as it may seem, I really like our local NPR radio station, WBAA-FM at Purdue University--Indiana's first broadcasting station, and a radio station that actually beat KDKA-Pittsburgh to the airwaves by more than a year.

My favorite music for building models? Well, nothing beats classical, followed by impressionistic.


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Depends on what I'm doing...if it's something intricate and detailed I will listen to something a bit melodic...UFO, Peter Gabriel, CCR. For general building purposes I like Motorhead, Sabbath, old school Metallica. For stripping paint I will put on Slayer or Pantera, hold the body up in front of the speakers and just BLAST the paint off! :twisted:

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I forgot, I'm also starting to get into country music. I'm personally boycotting the local country station, as they edit the NASCAR races to see fit, including cutting off the end of one that was on a TV channel I didn't get in 2001. Havn't tuned to it since. (A rainout on Sunday put it on FX on Monday, which we didn't have at the time.)

But, as of July this year, I get CMT, so I have been leaving that on alot. It annoys the heck out of me when they go off air from 3-5 AM, as I'm usually awake and watching at that time.

The local "Oldies" station was bought recently, and now the oldest thing on local airwaves is from the 90s...:(

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