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Corvette Limousine. Update 11-11-13 New pictures...

Custom Hearse

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That looks like quite the stretch. Did you have to manipulate the front of the back half at all or did it mate up exactly?

I'll be watching this one.

BTW, that tow truck looks good. What kit are the tires and wheels from?


Thanks Tom! I had started to build a Corvette limo years ago, but the kit got lost in a move. This time I stretched it longer.

I had to flatten the top edges in the center just a hair, but it wasn't too bad.

The tow truck wheels and tires came with the kit.

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Wow that's just too cool, I've never seen anyone do something like this, it's cool.

BTW the tow truck looks good.

This why I love this forum Nick... It is art, though I don't build I was raised by a builder, so the seeing a box of plastic and turning it into art isn't new to me. I guess its time to let someone help me fix my dad's builds that need a loving hand to fix them.. thank you Nick :lol:

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look'n good, looks a lot better then it did in the box LOL. how long will it end up being?

You would make me try to figure out the length, wouldn't ya... :lol:

Okay, with the body taped together, and the front and rear taped on as well, it measured out at 11 7/8 inches in length (I held it, and a friend measured it with his tape measure).

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Cool car! Is it going to have T-tops or a full top? Have you ever seen the one in the movie Mystery Men?

Thanks Erik!

Seen pics of the mystery men car... Perrty cool!

I was thinking of like doing it up like a 1930's Cadillac, open top over the driver, and closed top over the passengers, but more than likely I'll have T-tops front and back...

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Sweet, this is gonna be a cool build !!! I don't know if I like the wheels or not. Might have too see them on there.........................(hint, hint ;) )...........................

Thanks Billy!

I'll have to get the frame cut and pieced together first, and then add the suspension before I can show the wheels added. Soon though...

COOL BUILD :blink:;)

Thanks Derrick! I just wish I was as detail minded as you are...

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Thanks Billy! Glad you like it!

Here's what I did today to it...

I didn't care for the way the passenger compartment looked, it looked to tiny. so I cut the roof bar in front of the passenger compartment off and moved it forward...

Then I added a strip of plastic from the roof to connect it.

More to come soon!

Edited by Custom Hearse
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