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69' Dodge Super Bee IV


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Cool color. I like the color and the name. What are you using for carpet?

Thanks for the comment. The carpet is just Model Master flocking. I made the floor mats out of construction paper and put some Elmers white glue on it and sprinkled the flocking over it, I went for a 2 tone effect just for some contrast between the carpet and the floor mats.

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That is looking great. I have this kit and every time I see it built I want to work on mine. That paint is beautiful. What did you use as floor mats?

Keep it up and let us see the photos.


Modelbldr, Take a look at the reply I left for Ale8oneb. The floor mats are flocking over construction paper, I still have to put a thin border around them, so I'll keep the pictures coming as I progress. By the way if you are not going to do your Super Bee, Let me know I'm looking for more of them.

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So far I have the body painted (Dupli-Color Electric Currant Red). I started some work on the interior, I put in carpet,floor mats, and seat belts so far. C&C always welcome, thanks for looking at my first WIP on this great web site.
hey man just wondering i have tired using automotive paint before and its never worked any tricks ?
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