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Hey Ajay, quick question about your KPCG100 Skyline

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I remember that you posted a picture a while back of you old school Skyline. I am looking at a Fujimi kit of that car and was wondering about the quality. I realize that it is an older kit and won't have the fidelity of the newer kits. The Fujimi that I am looking at includes an engine. I was just wondering if this kit is like the celica I am working on and was once motorized and such? If not, is the interior decent? Just looking for an overall review of the kit.



Oh yeah, here is the box top for the kit. It is really what grabbed me


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i dont know what fujimi kit exactly youre looking at but ive built a couple and they were pretty well detailed with a nice interior. never done one with a full motor detail though.

on the other hand im currently finishing a fujimi garage defend silvia (s16 from memory) that has a very simple interior tub (eg: no door handles, window switches, much of anything in detail actually) even though most of the rest of the car is fairly detailed (undercarriage, rear deck wing, body kit etc). only problem was the body kit didnt fit worth a darn and it took a lot of fiddling and filling etc to make it even look presentable. i probably spent 60 or so hours on it a couple years back before putting it away out of frustration only to resuscitate it earlier this year, now its near done and should be "under glass" by new years.

yet another reason other project lie neglected.

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