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2009 Completed Builds *Pics*


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Not a productive year for me, but I hope to change that as we all do!

From beginning to end:

Lindberg 1/20 Firehawk. Built as a 1 of 10 Hurst Firebird:


AMT 2009 Dodge Challenger:


Testors Maserati Merak SS:


And the newly completed Nissan Skyline R-32:


Thanks for letting me share my stuff with you guys throughout the year.


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Nice builds, Crispy. I like that Hurst Firebird. Where did you find the info on it?

That Maserati is kind of a rare kit. How was it to build?


Hi Tom, Thanks.

As for the Hurst Firebird, I am a huge f-body fanatic. Having owned quite a few 2nd gen models I kept track of a lot of the new stuff too. I found out about the car through my sources online, mainly Pontiac oriented. I believe 7 were made for the 97 year and 3 for the 98 year. Very rare cars.

The Maserati kit was really easy to build. It was designed to have one of those little mabuchi motors. It is clearly a curbside kit. Even with that said I have seen some work on another Maserati with full engine details and it was beautiful. A fun kit to build if you can find one.



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