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Well I went to my lhs today to see if the silverado came in yet, well it didn't but I found something else that has got me real excited!!

amt 81 bronco, it looks really sweet, going to be pretty much box stock except I might swap in a 5.0 from a 92 mustang, we'll see.






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quick update the cameo, I got the cab and bed in color, not cleared yet, I'm trying to get this off my bench, got too many other projects, and that 81 bronco for this build off also.



I'm going to let it sit tonight and clear it tommorrow morning.

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Cool build.

I'm hung up wiht body work on the Dust Devil. Trying to get a good base to lay down the topcoat. Kind of hard to get time to do it right, between the cold and all the other projects I've got going B). You have inspired me to get out my 3800 Napco truck and start working on it again. I'm going a different route, as I'm modifying the chassis to match the original.

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do these need to be 4X4's? or is any truck / SUV allowed? I've got two for sure / possibly up to four truck - SUV's I'm going to be starting / finishing soon. Just wondering if i could get in on the action.

Rules on the first page don't mention it has to be a 4x4, so I guess any is allowed.

Rolltide: you should update the first post.

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Well there's 99 silverado's and the kit is 2wd so I would think why not,

btw can you update my entry, take off the 99 silverado and replace it with a 81 bronco?

But anyways, here's my inspriation, not starting this probly till may.




I'm debating if I should scratch the removable roof part or try to fix it, it's got a melted spot on it and is extremly warped, but surprisingly the rest of the kit is fine.

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To bad I just used up a top for that Bronco. I used it in a Post apac build. I have another Bronco Under glass. Those are cool kits and I like your inspiration :rolleyes:

Yea I fixed the top, a little heat and some putty it's good to go, I want to start it now but I have to finish my srt8 charger for the movie car build off first though.

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I guess i'll join in on this one too...

AMT 454 SS

I'll make a separate wip thread too, but so far this is all i've got pics wise...I'll get more soon..


just a basic build, low but not slammed, kind of a hopped up parts truck if you will. Engine work is underway as well as the initial primering

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