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Rims And Tires?

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Another source could be some diecasts Some of the Jada diecasts I've seen have some very large diameter rims that could do what you'd like. Some are fairly wide but if your going to be doing the lift and such I assume you may have the needed skill to possibly narrow them

ya i know jada has them but i just want the rims... i dont wanna have to buy 5 or 6 models that are just snap together just for their rims

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There was a place on ebay that was selling a blister pack of rims for like 10.00 they weren't the greatest quality but they wee the right size. another source maybe larger scale diecasts or toys ,also check thrift stores you can find some useful items.hope this helps these aren't your best options just ones that haven't been mentioned.

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my bad its just diecast around my way are already put together or just a snap together that are already done but 1 or 2 things ... i like to start from scatch

i buy them built, tear them up and turn em out. some cars wil never exist in plastic, this used to be a limo


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I've got these,scale out to 22's or 24's PM me if interested


Cobra if "started on 24s " doesnt want these, let me know what you need for those wires.

Also to the OP I have 25 sets of the DONKS kit 24-26" donk rims. I am willing to trade etc. pm me and ill get you a picture of them all.

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