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Finished this one today.


I built the #63 since it has the Canadian driver

Paint is Krylon sun yellow, for clear coat I airbrushed on 3 coats of future floor polish. Wheels were painted tamiya flat aluminum.

I also used some scrap PE parts I had laying around, the antennas are stretched sprue and the Naca ducts on the vent windows are decals from Powerslide.

Overall the kit is good, but the detail is really simplified on the engine and interior so I didn't bother to much with those lol.

also my body was warped a bit , that went away when I glued it to the chassis but then I found the hood would not sit flush on the straight body so I ended up gluing it on








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That looks really nice. I actually dug thru mine the other nite to check my progress on it. It needs paint, so I'll be sure to look for that color since it looks like a good match. You're right about the interior... I don't see the need to do much with it either, especially since the rear window is tinted so dark. I found a good pic of the engine compartment, so I was able to properly paint the little chrome piece that represents all the blue silicone hoses, so it no longer looks like a chrome blob. If I can get the carbon fiber decal to go on the air box, I'm all set... I hope the hood fits on mine- I'd hate to detail in there just to cover it up. Your wheels and tires look outstanding considering the wheels started out in that goofy looking chrome.

Good job.

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Your work on that kit is superb! I love the details on the tires. It turned out great for having a few minor flaws. Too bad you had to glue the hood shut. I looked at that kit many times on the store shelves and thought about getting it, but never did.


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James, wonderful job as always! The paint looks like a close match to the real car. Excellent save on the wheels, too! This is my favorite kit, I have the Badboyvettes livery, Luc Alphand, and the Ron Fellows tribute edition to do, but thanks for sharing yours for the inspiration!

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Danny, those are the kit wheels. It's just that james did such an excellent job with the paint, decals and tires that they look aftermarket.

I think, as someone mentioned, this is one of the best box builds I've seen of this car. I wish I would have scuffed my tires up on mine. Certainly something that will be remedied when I build my Babdboy version!

I keep looking at this thing James! :lol:


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Outstanding and very realistic build. The wheels can make or break a car - yours definitely MAKE the car.

And it has one of MY favorite drivers on it's roof. Max Papis - a very underrated driver - way TOO underrated. I know he isn't the Canadian you were referring to.

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