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50 Ford Sedan


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I started this conversion for my cousin who has a 1:1 and wanted a model of it. I took measurements from his car to build it as accurate as possible. Since one didn't exist in kit form, I combined the body of a 50 Ford convertible with a stretched roof of a 49 Coupe. I shaved off the drip rail. I also made molds of the thinly molded trunk hinges to replace after the major body work was complete.

Today was the third primer coat and I don't have many touch-ups left to do. I should be able to get the drip rails and hinges on by the end of next week (I don't get much time to build).





Once I get the drip rails and hinges on I'll do a final update. I was only supposed to do the initial body work for my cousin so that he could finish the build. I may update it with his final photos, but no promises.

Thanks for looking and any comments are always welcome.


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Nice crisp conversion work. Looks like a little touch up is needed on the right side rear window in the center up by the roof (3rd picture). I'm no expert on this period of Fords but this looks like it could be a gorgeous master for a resin body. cool.gif

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I still have some fine details to touch up. That is the area where I stretched the top and those little window trim edges are so small that they are hard to duplicate and sand smooth. I'll get them eventually, though.

Tonight I got the interior bucket from the 50 out to see how it fits and I had to cut off the tulip panel area(?) (Back panel under the rear window) The 50 Ford's is an indented area for the convertible top to fit in when dropped. So, I dug out the styrene sheet and made a flat one. I could have cut the one off of the 49 Coupe kit and swapped the two to build a 49 Ford Convertible. I saved the part from the 50 in case I DO want to build a 49 Ford Vert in the future. Right now I have enough future projects.


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It's been a banner day for me. I've managed to get the body work to a stage that I'm happy with. It's not perfect but... I also gotten the drip rails onto the body using .020X.020 styrene strips and should be able to get the trunk hinges molded by Wed night.

I also got a couple of coats of MM Lacquer Bright Platinum Silver paint on my 70 1/2 Camaro Convertible. So, not only have I been able to work on my cousin's build but I also got some done on mine. As I said, Banner day. I'll try to get some photos posted tomorrow.


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