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AMT 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT...restomod of a 44 yr old kit

Marc @ MPC Motorsports

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Modeler's ADD kept this one from being completed in 2009. I actually finished this one last weekend but just took pics today. Bob Downie is right. Final assembly IS a cure for Modeler's ADD.






With this build and the Falcon, I have matched my output total from 2009!!! Looks like 2010 could be a good year.


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Guest Sickfish

I iterate everyone elses comments...great work, cool car & great paint!! I too would be very interested as to where you got those wheels, as they are nearly exactly like the ones on the '68 Steve Strope NASCAR Charger, which i would really like to build....


Cheers, Cliff!

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Alright Nellis stop it, you are making me look real bad now! That thing turned out awesome. The color really popped on it. I guess you going to Texas with guns loaded this year! Sickfish I do believe those wheels are the ones out of the Revell 57 Chevy Snapper with Pegasus Sleeves but Marc can correct me if I am wrong since he is the wheel king!

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Hey guys, i've had a quick look over on Ebay & i'm fairly sure the wheels are off the AMT Boyd Connington HOT ROD series '57 Chev wink.gif

Cheers Cliff!


The wheels are from the Revell Snap 1957 Chevy, modified to fit Pegasus 23" stepped sleeves in the rear and some one off, custom made 19" sleeves on the front. The wheel centers were masked and painted with Testors Gunmetal metalizer.

The wheels in the AMT Boyd Coddington '57 are similar but much different.

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