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1996 & 97 Civic Tuners

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Well I thought I posted these here but I guess my marbles fell outta the bag again. I built these in rememberance of a friend of mine who owned a 1996 Honda Civic Hatchback but conspired with me to build a one off Tuner 1997 Civic Coupe. Taking a li'l of this and that I was able to replicate his Hatch and build our "Mystery" Tuner we had in our heads. Ashame the Coupe never made it to life/light. Enjoy!

1996 Honda Civic DX Hatchback aka Blue Devil




More Pics here: http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b278/Tumbler75/Completed%20Model%20Cars/1996%20Civic%20Hatch/

1997 Honda Civic EX Coupe aka Cintegra




More Pics Here: http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b278/Tumbler75/Completed%20Model%20Cars/1997%20Civic%20Coupe/





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Wouldn't it be a Cintegra IS, since the rear taillights look like the ones on the original Lexus IS?

Cintegra was a name we came up with for the car. Like his Civic was called "Blue Devil." It gives them a bit more character.

The "Lexus IS300" Taillights in the trunk is a popular "Tuner" Mod people are doing to their cars. I thought it would be neat to try and replicate them. The "Body" Taillights are still Civic "Custom/Tuner" taillights jus' missing the "Trunk" part from the kit. I also relocated the license plate to the Civic's Rear Bumper from the trunk lid. The IS Taillights in the Trunk Lid I made from Ford Focus SVT Fog/Driving Lights. Thanx for the compliments.

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Cintegra was a name we came up with for the car. Like his Civic was called "Blue Devil." It gives them a bit more character.

Yeah, Cintegra i.e. Civic-Integra. I was saying Cintegra IS, since it is part Civic, part Integra, and part Lexus IS.

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What paint did you use on the Blue Devil? Is it a pearl? In the photos it seems to have plenty of luster but lacks the curse of metallic paints.

Blue Devil's paint is from an old stock of paint he had in the garage (Surprised it was still good after all these years). It's a custom mix from Dupont Paints Division. If I remember right it's called Quasar Blue Pearl. It is both a micro flake and pearl paint which gives it a smooth finish without the "curse."

Thanx for the compliments to everyone who responded. It keeps this modeller motivated. :lol:

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