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Who rides bicycles here?

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Yo Wayne - been there, done that about 50 years ago. It was fun except for getting on & off.

LOL, yep it gets a little scary when you're coming to a stop! :D

Gotta find something to grab onto quick!

I got the idea originally from my dad. He had some old pictures of him riding one that he had built, and it looked so ###### funny (especially with the afro that he had!) that I just had to do it. :)

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What a great thread!

Brings back so many memories.

I can safely bet that this little bit of trivia/history will surprise most, if not all of you.

Your fearless editor was a major contender in the cycling world here in Hawaii.

Back in '75-77, I was the State Champion in cycling, for three years straight.

For my age group (Intermediate) I was competing against, and beating, every one on the island, Juniors and Seniors.

I was on my way to the Junior World Tryouts, I think it was set for late '77, and had a life-changing cycling accident.

Long story short, I was not able to walk for about three months, and getting back on bike again didn't happen for almost ten years.

At that time, '77, I was ranked 4th in the nation. This was before the days of Mr. Armstrong.

Back then, the name that came to be famous later was Greg Lemond.

He ironically, was ranked 12th.

He came up the ranks the same time I was, and it always makes me wonder: "What If"

The bikes I had back then were mostly customs.

We built our own with CM tubing kits from some of the major companies.

I think Raleigh had the best program.

They would buy back the bike if you reached certain levels of competition.

We got into the titanium frames, but I kept on breaking them.

I would crack the lower crank tube stays.

I would ride the Pali here, our big mountain, four times a day.

This was while I was in high school, during school time.

Weekends I would ride the island once or twice (110 miles)

It was a fun time.

I wish I had pics of those days.

I think I have the story from the local paper here that did a feature on my last day of cycling.

It was an incredible time.

Thanks for starting the thread, Jody.

I hope that obnoxious guy in Hawaii who thinks he owns this place doesn't lock this thread for being off-topic....

Ahhhh Gregg thats interesting,I compete here in NYC.I suppose you out of all people know what a major dedication it is to race without being dropped.I started riding seriously at about 32 to shed 40lbs and went from there.I havent done a single race this year yet,the weather is so crazy.Two weeks ago it was 85 and at the moment its 50 degrees.Over the weekend we had 75mph winds!I bet Hawaii must be a great place to train.

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My latest project, a free Raleigh 10 speed of early '80's vintage.

It's a monster, 35 1/2 inch standover!! Biggest bike I've ever seen and being 6'6" it fits me perfectly.

As found,



And now, just waiting for decals. All work performed in the garage at home B)






And for perspective with my sons (also free) Raleigh 12 speed normal size bike.


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Hi folks,

I've enjoyed reading the posts about our youthfull fun! Seeing the pics of some of the bikes have bought back many happy memories.

These days I'm 43 years old, and weigh 112 kg's (246lb ). I once had a dual suspension mountain bike that I bought a few years ago from a department store. I thought it was the bee's knees but found it was only good on a flat surface because my weight would compress the rear shock and cause the seat to sit too close to the crank, whereby I couldn't get a full leg extension to pedal the thing uphill! Going down hill was just fabulous!! Riding on a dirt road was fine but on a sealed road it was hopeless. I don't know but is there a rear shock that you can lock the compression off so it can be ridden on the road? Otherwise all the energy of the pedalling is lost through the suspension...

I could go to a proper bike shop, but thier bikes cost like $4000 or more !!!!

Just wondering, that's all.


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The bike I've pictured only set me back around a thousand U.S. dollars with all of the goodies on it. I'm weight challenged also, and live on a mountain island, and I'm at 85 feet above sea level, and just a few hundred feet from the ocean, so everything is uphill from here. With 24 gears, it cuts those hills down to size. There is a huge difference between the quality and attributes of a bike shop bike and a department store bike. I've seen many people turned off from biking because of department store bikes, but turned back on when they went to a bike shop, and got a bike that was properly designed and sized to their needs. Give it another try. Try and find something like the one I'm showing because it's a good commuting bike as well as some off road use.

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Very cool. I have a luged 10 speed frame I am cleaning up and will be repainting. It will get mountain bike handle bars, cushy saddle seat and a few more gears, like a total of 8 more, making it a 18 speed. adding a couple of water bottles, pump, emergancy kit with tools a cut up tubing. I have made it up to 14 miles. Goal in the next month is 30! Jody

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sweet,dont forget the quick disconnect hubs front and back,the one pictured i only take up to maybe 10 miles at a time,im still getting used to how it shifts and whatnot. once i get comfortable with it its getting alot of gizmos and all that :)

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>There is a huge difference between the quality and attributes of a bike shop bike and a department store bike.

truer words have rarely been spoken. i tell people: a "dept store" bike may LOOK like a bicycle but those looks are deceiving. just wait till you try to adjust something or really take the bike for a ride (as in > 10 miles on something other than flat ground)...you will find out that what you have is more aptly described as a "bicycle like piece of sculpture" than a bicycle.

for the guy in australia who says bikes cost 4k at the bike shop, that might be true but typically they are on sale at a deep discount and im not sure about aussieland but here in the states you can buy a very nice and decent mountain bike from a bike shop for less than 2k list and about 1200 on sale. i am talking high line consumer brands like trek, specialized (remove the "iz" for "special ed"...its one of the first mods people around here do to their specialized bikes), gary fisher, rex, etc.

ive never really ridden a full suspension mt bike before but the few times i have i realized they require a different riding style than my front suspension only bike, as mentioned you tend to loose a lot of momentum unless you know how to use the rear suspension and typically that requires you set it hard, almost solid, for anything other than straight downhill.

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Guess what, I am from the Netherlands and therefore I bike haha. If anybody ever visited Amsterdam and walked out Grand Central station, they know what I am talking about, we even have a multi-story bicycleparking garage.

I 'drive' a Hybrid bike, a cross between normal and sporty use, let's say a Gran Turismo. I have a oversized tubed aluminium all-terrain bike, which I build myself and a full-suspension down-hill bike, which is fully upgraded.

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I agree, if you are even somewhat interested in biking, you need to go to a dedicated bike shop.

The bikes you find at the mass marketers are basically junk. They're cheap, with cheap components, and meant to appeal to the "lowest common denominator."

Go to a real bike shop and you'll find a world of difference. Yes, you'll pay more for your bike, but over time, the extra $$$ you invest up front will pay dividends down the road. It's absolutely worth the higher initial cost to buy a quality bike from a dealer who carries a nice selection of quality brands–and the knowledge and expertise of the staff at a bike shop are something you can't get at a "department store."

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I might agree, but only one issue, I cant afford a nice bike. i ride a cheapy and have gone for 14.5 miles so far. need to regreese the crank again after a total of 35 miles on it. I am hoping in a month to work myself up to a 25 mile ride for a bike athon I am starting in our local church. I really really wish I could afford a nice recumbant trike! Then I would probably ride much further. I am also quite shure faster. If not, perhaps easier biking up some of these dumb hills around here!I am finding it a real battle to go up some of them in first gear and calling out and asking for more strength from the lord! LOL. that does work for me by the way! LOL. A recumbant trike is in order some day if I ever find a good job again. Heck, after a year and a half, I would just like a job! Jody

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everything theyre saying is right Jody,i started out on cheapo bikes then found out that vintage bikes are more for me :D

my Bianchi pictured didnt set me back that far at all,i only have about $35 in it, including the cost of the bike!!!

One way i get all my bikes(brands such as: yokota, nishiki,schwinn, Gitane, and my Bianchi) I getthem all from charity shops and such.

that way not only do i get a good bike on the cheap,but im helping out a good cause as well ;)

if you need some help deciding what bike would be a perfect fit for you either become friends with the owner of your local bike shop, or go over to bikeforums.net

those guys are pretty cool and know ALOT about bikes.


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Those are fabulous bikes there! For around town, I like kustom bikes, and am chopping some up to make some! But for long distance, for like what I want to do on a regular basis, and having a bad back, it is certainly sounding like a recumbant is in order. i know after the rides I do, my schinn (spelling?) and my back kills me! ( Not to mention my asthma) But I absolutly love to ride! The salvos around here dont have anything, let alone anything good! We dont have any other places like good will, wich is too bad! I miss them! Now if I could find some vintage quality parts on the cheap, I could use them with one of these frames here I stripped down to the bone that i absolutly love! Then I could use that for the long distance until I could ever afford a good used recumbant trike! I wouldnt mind riding say a hundred miles in a day one something like that! Some day.Of course, I dont know where to turn for quality parts cheap either! jody

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jody i would warn you recumbent bikes work great on flat land, but going up hill is more or less impossible. you arent in the right position to put pressure on pedals with your weight shifted like it is going uphill. i dont really know that as a fact, because ive never ridden one more than a few hundred feet and that was on level ground, but its what i am told. check into it at least before you spend a bunch of $ on one.

nice stingrays!

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Well, I dont know. from what I was told, they are better because you have your legs stretched out further for better strength and that if you have strong legs, it works on a principal simular to a leg press. Being so small and week, I thrived on my leg strength in weight lifting as I could do a hundred pounds more then anyone else in my class! 500lbs. I dont know how that compares to anyone else, or if I can even be close to that now as I am getting older? But I do need to find a good site dedicated on rideing for distance. Jody

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