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2009 Challenger buily My Way

Billy Kingsley

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Here's one I started sometime last year. Even though it's a pretty simple kit, I only got to finishing it a few days ago. I knew before I purchased it that I would be building it as if I could afford a real one. If I had a real one, there is no doubt it would be painted Sublime Green, my all time favorite High Impact color! Other than the color, it was built factory stock. I decided to leave off the R/T graphics, but I left the stripes.

I have to say, I've used over 200 kit decals, and none have ever been as good as the kit decals from this one! It was the first I've used from the New AMT, and I was very, very impressed!

Without further ago, here are the pictures:





I didn't bother setting up the photo set up, so the old standby Jeep hood did the trick!


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Billy, I was here about an hour ago and didn't see a picture . I clicked you 're links at you're signature and still couldn't figgure out what picture you were refering to. Meanwhile, I see you responded .I came back to see the picture/s if any . Nice car . Nice paint , nice job ! Ed Shaver

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Seriously, I hit post then edited the photos in because there is a bar across the typing window with the new style board, and I type my code in manually and wanted to make sure it would be correct.

You need to update your web browser. I (and others) had the same issue, and once I updated to IE7 (or 8, I forget) no more menu bar blocking the reply box space.

The Challenger looks great, and it's a shame Chrysler has yet to offer Sublime on the Challenger, but they still might.

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Thanks for the comments guys! It really came out just the way I wanted it to look! Sure wish I could afford a real one that looked just like this :lol:

Now that Gregg switched the board over to the new brown style (Comfy) that bar is gone! I am quite happy with the browser I have now, if it were up to me I'd still be using Windows 98 and the IE that was current back in 2000!

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