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Custom Ford F450 4x4 build update 5/13/10

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Hey Fellas i havent been around in a while but i wanted to show this build as it went down. This truck is accually done but i had a few people ask me to post the build pictures. I started with a resin cast of a Ford F350 cab made by my buddy Jamie at SSB resins and it evolved from there i hope you enjoy these pic I will be posting over the next few days.

here the doors have already been removed and bracing has been put in to support the cab i also compleated a bumper




heres some work done on the dicast bed the bed is from an F350 promo, I started the fender flaires too


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Thanks for the info.

Be nice to see how you built that Monster of a Truck.

Ou did some really Great work in bringing that to life.

I loved it.

Great looking Bumper too.

No winch? ;);)

Thx I got some guy that hatin all over this build he sent me some hate mail this morning but im gonna show it anyway hope you enjoy the ride.

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Went out and bought a second mustang kit for the seats... here some pics of the interior pan comming along.jamiesprojects091.jpg


heres a pic of the doors with the speaker mounts installed, I cut the speaker mounts from the caddy escalade.


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This is the motor from the mustang kit i was gonna use but it turned out to be a bit too small for this monster


Then I decided to purchase a Ross Gibson Ford 815 mountain motor its resin and highly detailed


As you can see there are plenty of parts this kit is a project in itself... :lol:


This is the simi finished power plant compaired to the mustang motor


Stay tuned for more to come!!! :D

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Great looking build so far!! B)

Do you have any photos of how you made the leaf springs?

They are Awesome!!

Unfortunately i dont have the pics of the tool i used to make them and it would be alot easyer to explaine if i had them. I'll see if i can find the right pics and i will post it here. In the mean time I hope you enjoy these pics of the leaf springsPICT0120.jpg



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Hello again! i wanted something differant than just a lifted pickup so I decided that i would make this a lifted dually LOL so heres the pics of the steps I took to make that happen.

I had my old 70's GMC dually so i cut the fenders off and gluded them on the dicast Ford bed. but they need to be smoothed and rounded a bit so that was my next job.



Dually fendeds ment i had to buy a second set of tires and rims OH BOY! heres a mock up with the tires i have whata think?


Here the fenders are starting to take shape

f450016.jpgStay tuned more to come!!!

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Did you scratch build your shocks? If so what did you use? I have a project coming up that shocks like that would be perfect. Keep up the great work. I am definetly following this thread!


Hey Gary the shocks are made from aluminum tubbing you can purchase from your local hobby store, some stores even sell bags of assort metal tubbing if you can find them there great for all sorts of things. i forgot what size the tubbing is because I pretty much just eyeball the size i need. LOL !! :unsure:

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Here Im starting to get some frame work done (can you tell im a detail hound?)


Frame supports for the front shock are almost complete I did soo much reserch to make sure this part was right.


Here the rear axle is comming together....



Rear axle with 4 link setup....


Rear shocks comming together...



And finally a mock up of the rear end.....



Stay tuned more to come.... :unsure:

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Hey Fellas here are a couple pics of the completed video screens there are 6 screens in all and each has a picture of the "Master Chief" from Halo I took a digital picture from the video game and had them shrunk down to size there really clear altough you can see that here. I hope you enjoy these. :lol:P.S. hes upside down on this pic because these hang from the ceilingjamiesprojects104.jpg

This one is sooo small I had to glue it to a rod just to work on it. LOL!


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Ok body work is done and every thing is ready for paint so it all gets a few thin coats of primer 1st. :lol:





Notice the tail lights have been filled in... i relocated them to the rear


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I figured if i was about to spray I better hang the door so they et an even coating, its very eazy to mess up a paint at this point by not having the same amount of paint on all the body parts.


here you can see how the hinge works to swing the door inside the body panel. this is a correct hinge.


Once all my doors were hung i noticed that a gap was too big so i repaired it before i went any further


now she ready for the base coat of siler HOK paint


Stay tuned for more to come... :lol:

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