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'69 Plymouth Barracuda notchback

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I had some quality bench time this weekend and made some serious progress on the Barracuda. Polished, foiled, glass installed and painting of small parts. Here's some pics of my progress.


Photo etched gas cap from Mr. Model in Brazil.


The 1969 annual rear valance with exhaust tips and backup lites comes with the body. These details have been missing since the annual.


I painted the vent window frames flat black to de-emphasize their presence. Bandit Resins provides vacformed glass, but I elected to make my own glass. Front windshield is .010" clear PVC. Vent glass and rear window is .010" smoke tinted PVC.


Next up...interior and engine compartment then final assembly.


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VERY NICE, Mark, as usual!

I might've done the drip rails in black but just as likely I'd've sanded them off. Any car that fast, they wouldn't matter anyway! Same thing with the door handles...

Then again, you actually FINISH cars, and I don't seem to... so you probably need no suggestions from me, huh?

Your car reminded me of an experience with my '67 Barracuda 'vert in the mid-70s in Valdez, Alaska when I was but a mere child... I'd been laid off again from the Pipeline, and bought the car from its original owner, who was getting married and moving to Oregon, for a whole $170! Fairly clean, 318TF, decent car except that the drivers door was mashed in about a foot at the center and didn't open and had no glass...(No workie in a town that gets 306" of snow in a year...)

Car ran great so I drove into Anchorage one weekend, encountered a small junkyard, they had a hardtop in the same light yellow good door for a whole $15. Six bolts off, six bolts on, great except the window had that cool curve at the rear. wind and water leaks, yes, but a vast improvement...

Funny how I had all my COOL cars way back when they were cheap!

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