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You can still get the Liberty like that overseas, same with the Cherokee's like I have when they were still being built in Austria and both were set up like the HHR panel vans on the inside.

Don't you wish they would offer some of those cool, overseas options here in the states?

Patrick2005, I think it was an episode of Trucks!... That episode drove the prices of Gladiator grilles up from about $50.00 to around $200.00... Prices are finally getting affordable again. I need to get one before they run the episode again and make the prices go silly one more time.

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I saw on a tv show a few years back that they did just that, took a Wagoneer and removed the plastic grille and modified the headlight bezels to make it look the the Gladiator, which in my opinion is MUCH better looking.

I agree with you, here's a '63 Wagoneer. I think they look really cool with the old style sheetmetal up front. It's a very distictive styling, there's just no mistaking what vehicle it is.


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Don't you wish they would offer some of those cool, overseas options here in the states?

I'd just be happy with the "Autobahn" spring package for mine, only way to get those here in the States was to be a cop, or get a retired cop XJ. I do dig the "Steath" package that was offered on the XJ's in England though :lol:








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I'm not even a Jeep guy and I really dig that look.

I'm not either... :blink: ... But that look does ROCK! I'm not a Wrangler fan even thought they are a neat vehicle in their own right. And I'm not in love with the newer style Cherokees although they also are good vehicles and that British Number that Joe Handley posted pics of (Above) is a really sharp looking ride. I love the old Full Size Jeeps, the FSJ's that originated with Willys back in 1963. The FSJ body style was used from 1963 until the last of the Grand Wagoneers rolled off the assembly line in 1991. I'm a Willys Overland fan myself, and owning an AMC/Jeep version is the closest (and least expensive) way I can get to a vintage FSJ right now... :P:P I'd love to have a couple of vintage Jeepsters, a Willys MB, M38, M715 Gladiator and such... Maybe when I win the Lottery... :P:P

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how's this for interesting?

this is my little brother's station wagon. If someone wants to build a model let me know I can get more pics.

he has since put a different body on, 34" tires and alum rims.


In case your wondering, this was at a demolishon(ms) derby and a guy asked to take a pic. My brother said the pic would be better if it was parked on top of his car (his usual line). the guy said yes it would. and yes the car trailer was still attached to the wagon when he did this. It is amazing how well this thing gets around with that extra weight in the back.

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wow long time since i posted pics in here, so here we go:


nissak 240sx



saleen s281



90's fox body 'vert:


stock clean '00 honda civic si


cool lookin merc:


chevy 454ss:



more to come!!!!!

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here is more....

1928 ford truck used inside wal-mart as a "Synder's" display




stock honda accord with nice looking rims for it



a euro styled modified Vdub jetta



1988 Alfa Romeo spider veloce




few more pics to go!!!!

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