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Prayer Request

Guest Johnny

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In about an hour we will be headed to the hospital where my wife will be having an angiogram done at noon!

They are going up both sides and look at the heart particularly the aeortic valve. They believe her mechanical valve may be malfuctioning and that may have been the cause of her stroke back in July!

They also will se if the problem may be scar tissue buildup restricting blood flow and if that is the problem they can take care of that in the cath lab! Keeping our finger and toe crosed it's that simple!

If the mechanical valve is bad (put in in 1996) then she will have to have another replacement!

Thanks in advance for any support given and I will let you know what the outcome is tonight or tomorrow!

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Johnny My prayers go out for you and your wife. You seem to be good people. Behind most good men is a great woman so I wish you the very best. I personally am going through a lot worrying about my wife right now too so I know the frustration it puts you through. It's hard but try to keep your head up high.

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Well went to the hospital early expecting they were going to release her but they are having trouble with her blood thinners.

Her bleed time was 1.0 and she needs to bebetween 2.5 and 3.0 tp be safe from clots! (above 4 at risk for a brain bleed for thos who don't know)

They are going to do some risk assesments today including lung capacity tests as they look at her fatigue problem.

After the test the cardiac surgeons are supposed to talk to us.

I don't know for sure yet but the last time he had a surgeon talk to us she had the first valve replacement a week later!

So that is where we are at at the moment! Will update as I find out more!

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Dear Johnny,

I have never met you. The only things I know about you come from what you have posted on this forum. After reading your post this morning I have learned that you have faith in God and possess the courage to ask for help in your time of need. That is enough for me. What is your wife's name? My prayers are with you and your wife today.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. As my circle of friends and family learned of my condition they prayed and told their family and friends to pray for me. I had churches as far away as England offer up prayers for my recovery. My wife and I sat down one night to ponder this. We realized that at least 5,000 people were praying for me. I have been cancer free for two years now.

"Lord, look upon Johnny's wife with eyes of mercy. May Your healing hand rest upon her, cleansing, purifying, and restoring her to wholeness and strength for Your service. Amen"

Thank you, Johnny for sharing part of your life with us.

PS...note to Brian Wiltbank. You and your wife are in my prayers today also.

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Ok, the surgeon came in and said he was having her cardiologist order some more tests. He said he did not want to do an unneccesary surgury and the tests he saw were not conclusive to him!

He started to explain what else migh be there but was paged for an emergency and never came back! So we still are waiting to see what is going on!

Our family physician said if they do not have answers in the morning he will release her home as he sees no reason she should be stuck in the hospital running up more bills for us! It realy isn't an issue becaus we have already reached her 5000 out of pocket limit so they are paying 100% until Jan.1, 2011.

Thanks everyone for their prayers and well wishes! Jeannie says she really appreciates it!:P

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Hey Johnny,

Glad to hear your wife is getting to go home for the moment, just rest and both of you take it easy, seems like there are a bunch of us praying for your wife, and I hope you can both find some comfort in that. Got a good group of people here who come together for one another, just the way life should be. Take care of yourself and your wife, lots of people on my end praying for both of you.


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