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Prayer Request

Guest Johnny

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Thanks again guys! Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

Well she was discharged at 7PM this evening and is now home. But the jury is still out so to speak!

She had another ct scan today along with a bunch of other tests and now we will wait for the surgeions decision! he said he was taking it to the board of Cardiac surgeons at Rush Hospital and will call us with an appointment as soon as they finish the review.

he lower stomach is purple from the bruising and under skin bleeding from the blood thinner shots they have given her. She kept springing leaks at the shot sights because ove the thinning of the blood at the surface.

I feel so bad for her, she is miserable then to top it off she had a siatica attack.

Will let you all know the outcome as soon as we know!

Jeannie says thank you all and she will say a prayer for all who have prayed for her!:)

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Hey Johnny,

Went through a similar situation with a friend before, you know what is a simple solution? Icepacks. Mix 2-3 parts water with 1 part 91% alcohol (to keep from freezing solid and help conform to the area) and use on neck for stress, on stomach for swelling or pain, on forehead for headache, sleeping, stress, relaxing, etc. Something so simple as that can be used in many ways to help your wife with pain or just relaxing. Make sure you put a towel or something on the skin because this will get a lot colder because it won't freeze up, just use it to help relax. Cheap and easy, hope your wife finds some comfort with this simple solution. God bless.


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