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" Model Martin" 32 Deuce

John Teresi

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Hello.......this started out a s a " Model Martin" resin kit.......the chassis donar is a Revell Mooneyes kit.......I used the decals from the Mooneyes kit for the paint scheme......changed the wing......I hope " Model Martin" doesn`t get mad?........wired and plumbed......scratch wheelie bar.....opened the hatch........Tamiya yellow......thank`s











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I am just happy you guys bought something from me!! ;) Also I am tickled when anyone builds one of my kits. You Duece looks great, John! I will build one soon with Mike and Ike's sponsorship. It will go along with this one - The M&M Dark Chocolate Bugzapper.

Can't wait to see what you have in mind for the center door, Chuck!



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This is AWESOME as usual!!! Very good looking colour and paintjob. Detailing looks very good too. I'm building Pontiac Firebird FC from Airfix ''Burnout Bird'' kit. I'm trying to add lots of details to it. I've been watching your builds as a reference. :blink: But very great job with this! :lol:

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