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1961 Ford Falcon

Darin Bastedo

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This is the fastest I've built a model since I was a teenager, and I had a lot of fun! This is a Build up of the Bandit Resins Ford Falcon Sport Coupe. I built it as birthday present for my fiance. She alway's loved the Ford falcon her Dad used to drive. I painted it in her favorate paint scheme. It sits on Pegasus 19 & 23 inch Tork-Thrusts, paint to resemble natuaral finish spokes.



I wanted it to have a nice rake to it, so I redrilled the axle holes in the chassis. The chassis and all the trim came in the AMT 1961 Ranchero kit. The chassis needed to be trimmed in the back, but no other changes were needed to build the trans kit.


You will notice a teddy bear in the back seat. that is because everytime she has to go in for surgery or start a new round of chemo I always give her a new bear. She unfortunately has aquite a collection now. the back ground of the display replicates the alley in back of the drug store her mother worked in for twenty years.


The interior has photo-reduced guages in a photo-etched panel, the steering wheel is a Detail Master piece while the steering column is from The Model Car Garage. I used one of the column drops to make a cup holder, and put her favorite drink, A Cranberry Limade from sonic, in it. Note it even has the correct red straw.


She loves to listen to music while driving so I gave her some CDs to listen to.


She also needs some shades to drive with on sunny days.


The front tag's meaning is obvious...


The rear Tag is a tribute to her late father Melvin Nelson.


Thanks for looking, This is the most fun I had building in a long time. Never once did i worry about what the judges would see, or worry abot getting the detailing just right, I simply built it for fun, and for the love of a good woman.

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You had just about the best motivation for building this model as anyone could have.

All the best to your fianceé in her fight.

the funny thing is in recent history I haven't finished a model in less than three weeks, so I was worried that I wouldn't have it done by Thursday Anyone who knows me knows I build slow, sometimes to the point where you only see progress with high speed photography. I have to say about Kenny at Bandit resins, is his stuff goes together really nice, and his stuff is top notch. if this didn't build so easy, it wouldn't have been done as soon.

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You had just about the best motivation for building this model as anyone could have.

All the best to your fianceé in her fight.

I second what Harry said, and the build is beautiful not only in workmanship, but its meaning and sentimental value as well.

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