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Dyno Don 62 Impala Pro stock

John Teresi

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Hello......this was built a few years back.......started with the AMT Don Nicholson 62 Belair Super Stock kit and built the 62 Pro Stock..........I used parts from the parts box.....Slixx decals,Slixx Hood,Slixx wear tires......wired and plumbed.......H.O.K. white.......baremetal foil.....thank`s.










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Hey John,

Very very nice, can't wait to see what you surprise us with. Been a long time since I've seen this one, right about my favorite time for drag racing, 60's and 70's, sure puts a smile on my face when I see the great cars (and drivers) from back in that time. Do you use the H.O.K. clear on the cars, wondered what you cleared it with? As always, thank you for sharing with us!!


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19 hours ago, Pro_Drag_Builder said:

Looks good! I'd be remise though if I didn't ask why didn't you raise the height of the upper cage bars to the roof, and set your wheelbase to match the rear wheel well openings? Would have made a ton of difference.  Nice build otherwise though! 

Well Curtis.........building this 11 years ago........I think I would do a way better job  now days.........

just saying!!!!!




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