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Tamiya Oranges

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Has anyone used any of Tamiya's orange sprays? I am getting ready to start and 1969 Yenko Camaro. "Yes I know yet another 1969 Camaro" But as has been stated several times I have found through searching, that most of testors paints spray to thick. I have been using Tamiya sprays for year but I have not seen the results of the actual color of any of the Tamiya oranges. If anyone has any experience I would love to hear what you have to say.

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I have used TS-12 orange covered with TS-73 clear orange'then TS-13 clear on the 66 Impala.

And TS-12 covered with TS-65 Pearl Clear on the Chopper it turns out like metal flake.

You can see the difference in the color tone either way.

Hope this helps.

The lighting is not that great sorry.







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Testors Huggar orange.

Thats all the testing that I did with the different orange paint.

They all were sprayed over white primer.



Thank you guys for the info, ewaskew thank you for the pics that really does help me, the Tamiya combination you did looks great but seems to have alot of red in it. That bike is awesome as well. The Hugger orange is definately what I am looking for, obviously since it is the factory Chevy orange color. But how does that paint spray and will I have to use a different primer, I am using the Tamiya super fine grey.

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Tamiya primer is just fine as is Tamiya clear if you choose. Practice a bit but with a lighter touch on the nozzle, the Testors paints spray almost as well as the Tamiya. Being a solid color, it will be easy to color sand. My Gremlin was shot with Testors Big Bad Blue out of the can and it had a lot of orange peel. But a little time with some water and Micro Mesh took care of that.

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